Greek Oregano

Organic Greek Oregano from Vordonia30g
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      My name in Greek means “Mountain Joy” and is said to have been given to me by the goddess Aphrodite as a symbol of happiness. The ancient Greeks were the first to use me, but my popularity quickly spread to the Romans and as far away as Asia. I am the quintessential, flavorful herb of the Mediterranean diet, and have been used for millennia for my flavor and medicinal properties.

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      I'm also a 100% USDA Organic certified product.

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      I am deeply aromatic with savory, earthy qualities throughout and notes of lemon, black pepper and mint. I am the perfect accompaniment to Mediterranean dishes of vegetables, lamb, or fish, and a staple for dressings and marinades.

The Source & History of Vordonia Oregano

I am grown and harvested by hand on the rocky hillsides of Mount Taygetos near the town of Vordonia by local farmers who have been practicing their craft for many generations. I am considered a panacea, being used to encourage health, happiness and even good luck.

Chef Nicholas Stefanelli
From the Chef's Corner

I have traveled to Vordonia. It is as authentic as it gets and I am very proud to use this oregano in my cooking.

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