Cretan Sage Tea

Organic Cretan Sage Tea40g - About 16 Servings
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  • Details

      I come from the coastal slopes of eastern Crete, near the town of Sitia. My botanical name means “to save” in Latin, alluding to the many health benefits the earliest doctors from Greece to Asia appreciated. You can find me in any house or restaurant in Crete, where the locals drink me for my healthy and soothing properties, usually with wild honey. I am naturally caffeine free and delicious whether hot or cold.

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      I'm also a 100% USDA Organic certified product.

  • Flavor

      I am robust, extremely aromatic and slightly peppery with eucalyptus and citrus notes.

  • Brewing Instructions

      Use your favorite tea press or infuser with a small handful of tea (2.5g) and steep for 4-6 minutes. Or, using the pot method, add just-boiled water, let it steep for 3-5 minutes, then strain. Add wild Cretan honey to taste and enjoy your Sage Tea!

Cretan Sage

The Source & History of Cretan Sage Tea

I am carefully grown on the mountainside above the Mediterranean on the eastern coast of Crete. As a traditional component of Cretan culture, I have long been considered one of the region's sacred herbs. I am hand-harvested by local farmers who have cherished my natural qualities for generations. Throughout the ages, my bold and potent nature has made me a perfect pairing for any occasion.

Chef Nicholas Stefanelli
From the Chef’s Corner

I was in Crete and experienced this amazing tea, with it's wonderful, room-filling aroma and health benefits.

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