Édafos Olive Oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil16.9 fl. oz
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      I come from the coastal town of Sitia on the Greek Island of Crete, where the Minoans were the first to cultivate the Olive Tree millenia ago. I am the child of these ancient, century old trees. My rich and unspoiled olive groves are surrounded by natural herbs, wildflowers and the deep azure waters of the Mediterranean. My name means “unique soil and climate of the area” and I am the great gift of my ancient culture.

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  • Flavor

      My Koroneiki olives are hand harvested and cold pressed within hours of picking to create a deep golden oil. I am fresh & fruity, with a smooth citrus finish.

  • Terroir

      The rocky soil of Crete contains a rich geological mix that includes limestone and even sea-dwelling fossils. The island is the furthest south in Greece and has the most arid climate of southern europe. Flavors of everything that grow here are more intense and hearty due to the dry air, the mediterranean sea on all sides, and the altitude of the mountains.

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The Source & History of Édafos

Yianni Drakakis' ancestors terraced the hillsides, tilled the soil, planted olive trees, and began producing the finest oil in Crete. These trees are still owned and cared for by family descendants, producing the same high-quality oil that has become an ancestral tradition.

Chef Nicholas Stefanelli
From the Chef's Corner

“My visit to Crete connected me to a truly ancient olive-making culture. I love the citrus and pepper notes in this oil.“

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