Cretan Thyme

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      I come from the mountain highlands of eastern Crete, near the town of Sitia. My name means "courage" in Ancient Greek. As part of ancient tradition, Minoan warriors would exchange my leaves as a sign of respect. I have a long, storied culinary history and I maintain a wonderful flavor when dried.

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      I'm also a 100% USDA Organic certified product.

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      I am an extremely aromatic herb with an earthy, peppery tone with hints of clove and mint fragrance that help invigorate the culinary senses.

Cretan Organic Thyme

The Source & History of Cretan Thyme

I grow on the sunny mountainside above the Mediterranean and am carefully collected by hand just before I flower, when my leaves are rich with essential oils. The nectar of my aromatic flowers makes me one of the most important plants in th elife of honeybees in Crete.

Chef Nicholas Stefanelli
From the Chef’s Corner

"I enjoy using this herb in my cooking. Crete has an intense climate which creates amazing flavor in this Thyme"

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