Greek Mountain Tea

Organic Tea from Mount Taygetos50g - About 17 Servings
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  • Details

      I come from the rocky slopes of Mount Taygetos, near the small village of Vordonia. I was discovered by shepherds in the mountains and am often called the “Shepherd’s Tea”. In ancient times, the great surrounding cities of my region used me for refreshment and healing. This tradition is carried on to this day, thousands of years later. I am naturally caffeine free and delicious whether hot or cold.

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      I'm also a 100% USDA Organic certified product.

  • Flavor

      I am smooth, yet earthy and bright, with a touch of citrus and herbal notes. I am often enjoyed with my best friend, mountain honey.

  • Brewing Instructions

      Use your favorite tea press or infuser with a small handful of tea (3g). Or, for maximum flavor and benefits, boil for 3-5 minutes, let it steep for 3-5 minutes, then remove herbs or strain. Enjoy your Mountain Tea!

The Source & History of Vordonia Mountain Tea

I grow on the rocky hillsides of Mount Taygetos above 3,000 ft, near the small village of Vordonia. I am cared for by hand over the winter and then carefully harvested as my flowers begin to appear over several months in the spring. The Spartans in the valley below as well as the other great cities in the ancient world used me for refreshment and healing and this tradition continues today, thousands of years later.

Chef Nicholas Stefanelli
From the Chef’s Corner

“I have experienced Vordonia first hand with the passionate folks at Ancient Foods. This is a an amazing tea and I am excited to use it at home and at my restaurants.”

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