Chef Nicholas Stefanelli
Michelin star Chef Nicholas Stefanelli serves as ambassador of Greek foods for Ancient Foods.  As Chef/Owner of Washington, DC’s Masseria, Officina and a forthcoming downtown Greek restaurant,  Stefanelli has been instrumental in elevating The District’s dining scene to the international stage. Born and raised in the DC Metro area of dual Greek and Italian heritage, Stefanelli realized at a young age the power of quality ingredients and home cooking. Having trained in some of the country’s most respected kitchens, he has an unmatched understanding of nuanced flavor profiles and food pairings, a knowledge he imparts on guests through his food.  Stefanelli has traveled extensively abroad, and throughout Greece, meeting with local artisans and learning about the unique cultures surrounding gastronomy. In his work with Ancient Foods, Stefanelli is proud to showcase the diverse bounty of the country, telling the stories of its people and their shared history.  

Chef Claudio PirolloOwner and Chef Claudio Pirollo grew up in Belgium where he soon discovered his passion for cooking as he wandered around his father’s fine Italian epicerie (grocery store) and watched his mother preparing dinner every day. The dual influence of Italy and Belgium triggered Chef Pirollo’s aspirations to develop his knowledge and experience with different flavors, and in 1994, Chef Pirollo was named “Best Young Chef in Belgium.” 

Before opening Et Voila!, Chef Pirollo spent six years as the personal chef to the Irish Ambassador, preparing meals for notable dignitaries including Senator Kennedy and former Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice. In addition to catering such high profile events as the annual St. Patrick’s Day party at the Ambassador’s residence, Chef Pirollo worked closely with his culinary counterparts in other embassies, including former French Embassy Chef Francis Layrle and Daniel Boulud. Prior to working for the Irish Ambassador, he served as chef for the popular restaurant, Montmartre, a Capitol Hill favorite.