Olive Oil and the Diet

Olive Oil and the Diet

There is a global diet revolution taking place, as individuals discover the health benefits of high fat diets, versus high carbohydrate diets.  Diets that fit into this realm are the ketogenic diet, the Mediterranean diet, and the paleo diet.

For years we have been told to load up on carbs, and skip the fats.  Decades after this advice was introduced, our national health couldn't be worse.  Obesity and heart disease run rampant, and yet many still adhere to the same nutrition advise.

Studies on obesity and weight loss have shown that the high fat, low carb diets, like the ketogenic diet, help with weight loss and overall metabolic health.  The core to these diets is the intake of good fats.  Olive oil is a key ingredient of these diets, as extra virgin olive oil is one of the highest quality fats you can consume. 

As with any other food, you must ensure that the extra virgin olive oil is pure, and not-adulterated.  After all, if you consume something that is faked or blended, you won't receive the health benefits you expect.  Our Ancient Foods olive oils are sourced from farmers in tiny villages.  We know the farmers, and we trust their oils.

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