Health Benefits from Honey Require the Real Thing

Health Benefits from Honey Require the Real Thing

Adulterated honey is a huge global issue.  What do we mean by adulterated?  We mean fake honey or honey that has blended with something other than honey ... gross!

Real honey comes from bees ... makes sense right?  Health benefits related to honey are well documented, and can only be achieved by consuming the real deal. As the population of honey bees shrinks globally, we have to ask ourselves what is really in those little bottles at the grocery store.  If we want the health benefits, we need to eat the real deal.

There are ways to tell the difference as you taste test through the aisles.  Or, simply purchase authentic honey from a source that you can trust.  Ancient Foods features honeys that are purchased direct from local bee keepers.  We know the bee keepers, and we trust them and their honey.

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